Barbara’s perceptive insights come with her compassionate demeanor in a voice evoking a calm, a reassuring and spiritual calm.
Her words, suggestions, become gentle reminders of wondrous possibilities.
The real thing…..
Justine Rowden 

The evening after I fractured my left foot I received a Reiki treatment from Barbara Brown. The type of fracture I had was from twisting my foot so severely that a ligament was injured so badly where it also tore a bone chip off. I was not allowed to bear weight at all, and it was extremely painful if I even barely touched my toes on the ground. I had incredible healing from her one treatment. My fracture not only healed very quickly but the pain dropped significantly. It was very dramatic the difference before & after the treatment. I would highly recommend Barbara for any type of Reiki treatment.
Sue Hritz, Professional Counselor & RN

Hi Barbara
It occurred to me after our session with Nick that I had never really given you Rose’s full story and the amazing results of her healing sessions with you. Here, by way of testimonial, is her story.
Rose was found just over 4 years ago along the roadside by an Animal Control officer. She had been hit by a car. X-rays and physical evaluation revealed the horrible extent of her injuries. Her pelvis was fractured in 3 places and her right leg was broken into 2 distinct pieces. She was rushed to an orthopedic veterinarian where emergency surgery was performed. Her repairable bones were pinned and set and her pelvic injuries were left to heal on their own. It was in the hospital postoperatively that her emotional state was first noted. Rose refused all food and water and refused to even attempt to stand. The Dr released her to the shelter for further recovery but noted on her chart “no will to live” and encouraged them to do whatever was necessary to get her to eat anything at all.
It was shortly after her return to the shelter that I was contacted to provide foster care. My experience as a vet tech made me a logical choice but I was reluctant to take on the case. It was a huge investment of time and a lot of dedication and I was more than a little frightened by her prognosis. Although Rose’s physical injuries were not life threatening her unwillingness to try most certainly was. Despite all efforts Rose was still refusing to eat. Several local restaurants had donated steaks and cheeseburgers but she would have none of it. The volunteer coordinator felt that getting Rose out of the shelter environment was her last chance. I agreed to come look at her and see if there was anything I could do. She was wasting away.
I first saw Rose huddled in the back of her kennel with her face to the wall. Her kennel smelled strongly of urine as she was unable to walk or stand. I climbed in and walked around her. I picked her face up in my hands and looked into her eyes. Her tail made a tiny “thump thump” and I asked her if she’d like to go home with me. I had her loaded into the car and took her to my family farm where I set her up in an unused storage room. I knew that night that I would not be returning her to the shelter.
It took 2 more days of sitting with and talking to Rose to get her to lick food off of my fingers. From there we progressed to full meals from my hand……then from a spoon and then from a bowl I held for her until finally from a bowl on her own. I had men carry her in a blanket sling so we could sit outside. I recruited 2 men to assist me twice daily in lifting her up to a stand for 30 seconds. As the days went on we attempted to increase gradually the amount of time she stood and the degree of help she had from us and eventually she was able to stand on her own.
Standing led to walking and then to walking further distances. 10 feet, 20 feet, 30 yards, until we could go a good half mile. It was about this time that I noticed alarming symptoms in Rose. She would hack and cough and regurgitate her food. She seemed tired all the time and her hard fought for stamina was gradually diminishing. Rose was reluctant to walk. Her coughing was increasing despite numerous vet visits. 3 months after her first symptoms appeared, she was diagnosed with Canine Myasthenia Gravis….a neuromuscular disease that caused her to have weakness in her hind quarters and an enlarged esophagus. Rose’s coughing was due to food sitting in her esophagus that could no longer effectively push it to her stomach. With medication, Rose could walk. Without it she was completely lame.
We had 2 bouts of aspiration pneumonia brought on by food matter entering her lungs…..the biggest danger of canine MG. With medication and managed care, Rose was eventually able to lead a somewhat normal life. Despite all of the care and effort Rose carried with her a deep sadness that seemed to pervade everything. She was improving physically but this melancholy concerned me. She didn’t want to walk much any more. She took to following me around with her head and tail down. Realizing that Rose was at the end of what veterinary medicine could do for her, I contacted Barbara Brown.
It was clear to me at our first session that Barbara was effectively in touch with Rose. She recommended regular healing sessions which I agreed to. The first thing I noticed was that Rose’s regular and frequent regurgitating simply stopped. I was accustomed to being awoken several times in the night by her hacking and suddenly we were both sleeping through the night. Rose seemed more energetic and even took to running a little at the farm. As the sessions continued Rose steadily improved. It was at this time that her regular blood test was performed to track the progress of her disease. The results were no less than astounding. Her levels had returned to normal and there was no trace of the disease we had been battling for two years. It had simply vanished. The Drs used the word “miracle” to describe the test results. Rose was weaned off her medication and remains off it to this day.
I have since, at Rose’s request, acquired a playmate for her, a husky mix I call Nickolai. The three of us walk daily around the farm. The dogs run and chase the geese. We walk for miles and enjoy every moment of it. 4 years after her physical and emotional injuries and months after her healing sessions and clean blood test, Rose runs and plays and is a happier and healthier than she has ever been. When I see her romping like a puppy with Nick or running full speed at the farm I am just so grateful that we reached out to Barbara and that she was able to help us with her wonderful healing gift.
Nancy Houston

Barbara greatly helped me with a problem I had with my Pomeranian puppy this past year. I was not able to housebreak my puppy completely by 9 months. Barbara told me it was behavioral….that my dog was upset with me and that is how he expressed it. She told me he needed more attention. As it turned out that was the problem. We addressed the issue, and he has since been housebroken. I would recommend Barbara’s ability to read pets to anyone as it was very helpful during a stressful time for me.
Sue Hritz

Barbara Brown